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The BuffEnuff Power Massager® is one of the most powerful, affordable cordless percussion healing massagers available. Utilizing percussive oscillatory motion, the rotating pad of the BuffEnuff® delivers a relaxing, therapeutic massage that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.



-Great for Home Care

-Doctors and Therapists Recommended

-Fitness Enthusiast Love the BuffEnuff®

-Cordless - Can take it anywhere

-Low Price - 1/2 the price of the competition

-Uses 14.4 Volt Extended Time Batteries 

-Charges Quickly 

-Lightweight & Easy to Hold

-Multiple Handles - Makes it easy to use and self care is a snap

-No Hassle Return Policy - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

BuffEnuff® Power Massager - Standard Package includes 1-Battery, 1-Charger, 2-Cr

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